Our activities in Fontainebleau

Enjoy our activities in Fontainebleau and its forest all year long.
Even though our kennel is located at Moigny sur Ecole, all our activities start close to Arbonne la Forêt. For beginners, we have a track with variable relief of 4 km in the middle of the forest. This one will allow you to discover our sport and to bond with the dogs.

During each session, you will have practical experience and a lesson about the sled dogs and their needs.

About you:

Remember that for the good running of the activity you must be medically fit. Pregnant women, people who are uncomfortable with bumps and shaking, back issues and allergies to dogs won’t be able to practice.

About our dogs:

We reserve the right to reschedule or cancel the activity in the event of hot weather which could put the life of our dogs at risk.

It is strictly forbidden to bring your pet to the activity!!!

Supervised kart driving – Also accessible to people with reduced mobility

Alone or with friends, enjoy a ride in the forest on a kart towed by dogs and lead by the musher. The sessions last around an hour and 30 minutes.

For 2 adults and 2 children – Minimum age 1 year old; for children, please bring protection glasses.

Week prices :

  • 48€ (Adult)
  • 36€ (under 10 years old)

Week-end and hollydays prices :

  • 55€ (Adult)
  • 40€ (under 10 years old)

Kart driving – Also accessible to people with reduced mobility

You drive your own dog kart… go for the adventure! The sessions last around an hour and 30 minutes. The activity in Fontainebleau is accessible to people with reduced mobility. However, you will need good mobility in your upper body.

From 12 years old

Week prices:

  • 60€ (Per person)
  • 480€ Pack of 10 sessions for a followed coaching

Week-end and hollydays price:

70€ (Per person)


Running session while you are towed by a dog attached to your belt! Discover this activity at your own rhythm and enjoy the nature and the animal contact at the same time.

The sessions last around an hour and 30 minutes. Designed for teenagers and adults with some sporting ability. Easy dog managing, limited to 10 people

Price :

42 € per person


Walking around the forest towed by a dog attached to your belt. A great moment with friends or family. Accessible to everybody who can walk a few kilometres without any trouble.

Easy dog managing, Minimum 2 people maximum 20 people


30€ per person for a 1 hour and 30 min session

  • Elisabeth Hine Avatar
    Elisabeth Hine

    Awesome experience for my friend's birthday: we went together for an initiation, driving our own karts.
    Event is well organized: we receive a text message with the information for the appointment on a map, briefing is clear, protections are provided.
    Christian is very friendly and open to others. We can feel how much he loves his dogs and wants to share about his passion. He is taking all necessary time to explain, tell us about his vocation and experiences...
    I am easily scared of dogs but the ones who pulled my kart were very easy going, cool and cuddly. I started the tour a little apprehensive (watching all the dogs in line begging for a run was pretty impressive, there was so much energy!) and ended it satisfied and thrilled. Christian was very attentive and present, stopping several times to check if everything is okay and about our sensations.
    Thank you for this amazing experience Christian and I wish you to keep spreading your passion to many curious and sportive people!