Welcome to Evasion Canine

Who are we?

Specialists of outdoor activities with sled dogs, Evasion canine takes you to new adventures with your coupling. We started offering our skills and experience to passionate amateurs in 2014. In order to make this sport more popular (usually associated with the mountains), we decided to install our activity at Fontainebleau, only one hour from Paris.

This daily lived and shared passion with you encouraged Christian PERLWITZ to continue the competition at a world level and dream about new challenges.

Evasion Canine is certainly a musher but mainly a pack in constant evolution which regularly welcomes new sled dogs. In order to improve their character and performance, Christian PERLWITZ decided to breed his own dogs and create his new champions.

You will then have the chance and the pleasure to share special moments with dogs even if you can’t own one.


Your events

You want your event to be unique, here is our new formula!

Christian PERLWITZ, professional musher, comes to you for the occasion. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions about what we can do for you. It could be for a corporate function, family reunion, wedding, Christmas market, anniversary, bachelor or bachelorette party!

Surprise your guests and allow them to discover an original activity which will create many unforgettable moments and emotions.

To do so, we require a big enough area to make sure we can safely practice the activity, and we need access to water to keep the dogs hydrated. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any information.

Accredited Biosphère Eco-Tourisme

The Fontainebleau and Gatinais reserve meets with their partners to manage local activity with economical development and environmental protection. We are happy to be involved in this project and try to sensitise our customers to our beautiful environment.